High purity pharmaceutical double tube sheet heat exchanger

P series double tube sheet heat exchanger Medicinal mainly used in health conditions require a higher level, its unique design makes easy to completely empty inside tubes and clean state, double tube sheet heat exchanger structure to avoid the conventional prone to the risk of cross contamination.

Product structural features
1, high quality 316L seamless tubes,
2, double tube sheets design to prevent cross-contamination,
3, all product contact sides are designed for completely drain,
4, no dead angle in the heat exchanger channels.
5, design and manufacture is according to the FDA and cGMP requirements,
6, can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.

Minimum clearance design

On the condition of  running safe, SECESPOL minimum clearance designed to enhance the number of tubes per unit area more than several times and greatly improving the heat transfer per unit volume.

How it works
One side of the material by electronic polished seamless flow within the beam, the secondary side of the medium in the opposite direction of the flow through the outer pipe, the end of the dual beam tubes tube sheet fastening at the same time as the leakage monitoring, to prevent primary materials and secondary two-way cross-media pollution.

Dual board structure: SECESPOL P Series double tube sheet design, the maximum reduction in the risk of cross contamination, easy to detect hidden leaks and ensure the safety of users to produce, in line with Article 71 of the 2010 version of GMP improved terms.

Emptying the whole design: Avoid contact with all the design side of emptying appear dead, to prevent the breeding of microorganisms, easy cleaning and sterilization, in line with article 98 of the 2010 version of GMP, improved terms of Article 99.

Various forms (single process, double process, the four processes): P Series double tube sheet heat exchanger can provide a variety of ways to meet different process conditions of heat transfer requirements, special requirements can also be customized according to customer products.

Material and surface treatment: SECESPOL P series 316L stainless steel heat exchanger with full production, and product contact side of the pipe surface roughness coefficient from 0.25μm to 05.μm, suitable for CIP / SIP cleaning on-line high-temperature sterilization, in line with the 2010 version GMP provisions of Article 74 perfect.

Installation: P series can be vertical or horizontal installation of the product, its mainly based on customer requirements, and product contact side of the interface are used quick, (Tri-Clamp) design, easy installation, disassembly, cleaning.

Gasket forms: product contact side of the gasket
- PTFE (Teflon)-based materials.
- To meet FDA requirements and 3A 20-25
- High-precision machining (to ensure smooth surface without burrs).

 Application areas
1, injection of water cooling / heating;
2, the injection point of the cooling water;
3, liquid cooling / heating;
4, clean steam condensation and cooling, high purity liquid temperature control.

Successful application