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Smart cip online cleaning system    
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Smart CIP System
Smart CIP System
Smart CIP System

Did you know? Each year, the global fermentation, food, pharmaceutical and other companies because of the production process contamination and economic losses of up to tens of billions of dollars. Analysis of the production process --- residual nutrient enrichment, provide for the pathogenic micro-organisms can flourish. SECESPOL intelligent CIP online cleaning system solutions, the time for you to provide services to optimize your process and production processes, to achieve the best results.
Advanced heating system: a 'European steam Prince' reputation of the spiral thread tube heat exchanger, high efficiency, energy saving. The 316L stainless steel material, high temperature, high pressure, compact, light weight, design life of 40 years, easy to clean, and wide application. Heat transfer coefficient up to 14000W / m ? ℃, the thermal (pump systems) to improve efficiency, saving steam, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.
Sophisticated control system: the use of advanced digital integration technology, friendly interface. A visual display the working status of key components; user-friendly help screens to assist the operator to determine, to deal with common faults, so that the device returned to normal in time; The system also has a memory function, easy to post queries.
Reasonable pipeline design: The system can be divided according to production needs for single or multiple. Road and Road more particularly, both one or two or more separate cleaning area, but also in the production process clean of Production, greatly reducing the CIP cleaning time. Another reasonable return water system, can effectively reduce the CIP water.
Security early warning systems: online processing of feedback signal electrode to achieve a pre-alarm and system protection.
The perfect power system: rational allocation of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, sanitary pumps and other key components, to effectively improve the security of the system, reducing the operating costs of equipment.
Practical Analysis
Dairy cleaning system
Milk is highly nutritious substances, it contains protein, fat, lactose, vitamins, enzymes and other ingredients, in milk processing, contact with the equipment, pipe surface is easy to produce milk, dirt, equipment use, if not timely and thorough cleaning will lead to very serious consequences, affecting the quality of health products.
Pre-rinse (5 minutes) an alkaline wash (30 minutes) a water wash (5 minutes) an acid lotion (20 minutes) a water wash (5 minutes) a heat sterilization (15 minutes) a sterile water (3 minutes)
CIP cleaning system widely used in fermentation, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical industry. Especially in the beer industry, CIP cleaning system occupies a particularly important role, it is closely related with the development of enterprises.

Intelligent CIP cleaning system is widely used in beer, dairy products, fermented, juice drinks, food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry.